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The 2 Most Difficult Choices I’ve Ever Had To Make In Life

When I was 21, I decided my life was too boring.

I needed to have an adventure.

Of course, whenever we set goals in life, life tests us. And I was no exception.

These were the two most difficult choices I've ever had to make in life—and both directly impacted who and where I am today.

Hard Choice 1 : Leaving my well paid City job with PWC to become a low-paid English teacher

I have an admission to make. I used to be an auditor. I hated it. Coming straight out of University and taking a City job was a mistake. I needed something else despite qualifying as an accountant and getting all the perks, including a flash company car.

I ditched the cash for a low-paying job in Valencia, Spain as an English teacher. Less money, no security but the start of a great adventure. I discovered Spain and settled here.

It was the best decision I ever made.

Hard Choice #2: Giving up on starting a new business to go back to the safety of a salary

Seven years ago, I was about to set up a gym business. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I love fitness. This was about to be my first chance to run my own business.

However, the offer I made to rent the ideal gym location fell through. Shortly after, I got a call from a headhunter and was offered a corporate job. In frustration, I took it.

🔥 My dream of being my own boss had gone up in flames... 🔥

But here's the thing:

Being forced to make these choices ultimately got me to where I am today—becoming an experienced business leader, a professional public speaker and an executive coach, and at the same time, finding love and forming a family.

Our difficult choices make us who we are.

Choose wisely!

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