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12 errors you must avoid when you start your next leadership position

When I got my first CFO role:

I worked longer hours than everyone

I made no time for networking

I had to make all the decisions

I was busier than all my peers

I attended every meeting

I couldn’t make a mistake

I always had an opinion

I got into all the detail

I answered every mail

I was on call 24/7

I never went sick

I was a “success”

And became stressed, overworked and overwhelmed.

It took me twenty years to figure out that:

Your value provided beats hours worked

It’s OK not to have all the answers

Most meetings waste your time

Saying “no” is THE superpower

Being busy impresses no one

Your inbox is not your master

Prioritising is the real game

Going it alone ends badly

You need time to recover

Being liked is irrelevant

Leaders don’t say “I”

They build teams

Success is how you define it.

Not what others tell you.

Hiring my first coach transformed my way of working.

If you want to achieve far more in your career in much less time, contact me today and let's get started!

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