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The Courageous Leadership Course
Keynote Speaker

The Courageous Leadership Course is aimed to transform the way you lead, boosting both your performance and effectiveness as a leader and ultimately the performance of your team and organization.


Through the application of proven ancient wisdom and modern managerial science, this course consists of 10 one-hour workshops together with additional exercises and material to be covered in the student´s own time.

The basic premise of the course is to build strong leadership performance driven by clear values and philosophy taken from the ancient wisdom from both the East and the West, with emphasis on Greek and Roman Stoic philosophy.

Throughout the ten sessions we will use constant assessment of the course material based on the “4 As”: 

1. Awareness – who are you? Who do you want to be? Are you performing optimally?


2. Action – what clear actions are you willing to take. What have you put into practice?


3. Assessment – what has worked? What has not? What needs to change?


4. Achievement – how is your performance improving?

This course will only produce results if the participant is willing to be honest, open to change, to applying new techniques, to risking failure and to learning from all of these experiences.


This takes courage, the core philosophy of the course and the core philosophy of great leadership.


The course is divided into the following ten sessions:


1. Course Overview


Setting objectives.

What the course will provide and how it will impact your leadership performance.

What you can expect to have learned and have in your toolkit after the 10 weeks.

What you will have to put in.


2. Clarity


Defining who you want to be as a leader and as a person.

A personal SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The 7 leadership styles and the one most applicable to you.

How you will measure your results against your objectives.


3. Confidence


Building the foundations through values-based leadership.

Living the 4 core values from Ancient Philosophy.

Managing your energy for peak performance.

Planning and preparing for any outcome.


4. Courage


Why courage is the core leadership value.

Building courage – learning to overcome fear.

Building resilience – learning how to get back up after failure.

Becoming anti-fragile. Thriving not just surviving under pressure.


5. Calmness


The importance in leadership of temperance and Aristotle´s golden mean.

Servant leadership and the hidden power of humility. Techniques from the Stoics to reduce stress and anxiety and remain fully engaged.

Time & Energy management techniques.

How to focus, the power of deep work & creativity.


6. Consistency


The power of algorithms.

How to build strong daily routines and remove unwanted habits.

How to look after the basics on autopilot.

The power of journaling and self assessment.


7. Carpe Diem


Visualizing the perfect day.

Building a five-year strategic plan.

It´s now or never – the value of action.

Applying the wisdom of “Memento Mori”.


8. Challenge Management


Leading under fire.

Ancient wisdom contingency planning techniques.

Controlling difficult conversations.

Courage and resilience revisited.


9. Connecting


Defining optimal team performance – how to engage and motivate your team.

A masterclass in negotiation.

Playing with politics.

Understanding when to use power wisely.


10. Conclusion


Key conclusions.

Key tools to take away and apply.

Final Self-Assessment.

Final Course Exam.

Each of these modules will contain pre-reading and takeaway exercises with tools techniques to be put into practice after each session. Each participant will also receive one hour of one-on-one coaching during the duration of the program.


Components 2 to 9 of the course will also be available as live workshops for Corporate groups on demand.


The Courageous Leadership course is designed for both experienced leaders looking to optimize their own and their team´s performance and new leaders looking for a proven method to become effective, strong leaders for their teams.


If you want to become the best leader you can be, sign up below!

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