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The Rockstar Leader
How The Best Leaders do things differently

What turns an average C-Suite Leader into a Rockstar?

In times of technological change and challenging times, the winners will be those who lead with courage and impact. Rockstar leaders who engage high-performance teams.

Do you feel you can go further in your career?
What is the difference between the average and the best-in-class leader?
Do you want to make the leap to Rockstar?!

This Keynote will

1)    Identify the skill sets of the Rockstar Leader and the reasons most people never make it
2)    Reveal the “secret ingredient” needed to become a Rockstar Leader
3)    Provide practical next steps to begin the transition to success

The dynamic and interactive session, based on hundreds of interviews with top performing leaders,  will provide relevant and important insights into the changing role of the C-Suite Leader as well as practical steps to meet the current challenges that Senior Leaders face and, most importantly, how to rise to Rockstar status!

Courageous Leadership
How The Best Leaders Build Courage

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed? Anxious or doubtful? Hesitant to make decisions? Worried what others may think? Do you

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed? Anxious or doubtful? Hesitant to make decisions? Worried what others may think? Do you ever have the dreaded “imposter syndrome”?

Are you “meeting expectations” but know that deep down you could achieve much, much more?

If you answered yes to any of the above then be assured, you are not alone!

The way to step up and become a great leader requires one, crucial thing:


Typically, 80% of a leader´s time is spent on normal day-to-day tasks. However, the other 20% of a leader´s time is crucial, the moments where a leader demonstrates 80% of their impact.  These are the “moments of truth” that separate the great leader from the rest. This session explains how courage is THE key ingredient needed in these moments to make that crucial difference and will explain how to step up.

The good news is that courage is not a character trait but rather a skill that can be built. Courage can be learned.

Applying methods from ancient philosophy and modern science, the session is packed with stories, examples and, most importantly, practical methodology of how to build leadership courage and resilience.  

Participants will be given tools to:

Evaluate their own leadership style, identifying the gaps that need to be addressed.
Massively reduce stress, build confidence, increase focus and become highly effective.
Build highly effective and engaged teams by leading from the front.
How would you like to be seen as a leader?

Strong and decisive, yet fair and considerate?
Action orientated yet willing to take criticism and admit mistakes?
An outstanding example for your team and the rest of your organization?

Then this session is for you!

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