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Stoic Leadership
Build Resilience | Cultivate Courage | Find Focus
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Peter was a fantastic, engaging speaker at our Annual Conference in Madrid. He is well-informed, professional and knows how to keep an audience both interested and entertained. Peter has a very positive, easy-going personality and was happy to chat with our delegates before and after his presentation. He was even happy to put up some stands for us... a great person to have around. Highly recommended!

Zara Duffy
Head of Northern Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland.


Speaking Programs


The Stoic Leader


Stoicism, a philosophy from over 2000 years ago, is the ideal leadership toolkit, allowing leaders to:

  • Be unwavering, providing certainty in uncertain times.

  • Lead from the front, inspiring a team when they need it most.

  • Do the right thing - Leadership as an action, not a title.

  • Take responsibility, engaging their teams and reducing workplace stress.

Radical leadership


A leader brave enough to be their authentic selves, admit their failings and yet still stand up and lead from the front is as radical as it gets. This speech will show how:- 

Authenticity beats authority, every time.  
Courage trumps power and actions trump words.
Providing safety for your team is your best investment.

How to reignite and reengage your team by being radical.


Bringing fables to life


Leaders have used stories for thousands of years to get their messages across. The classic stories provide lessons to solve many of life's problems. Learn to:

Inspire through stories.

Find your story and where has it been told before.
Transform your message and ignite your team.

Keynote Presentation Coming Soon

Peter McKenzie

Peter McKenzie is a speaker, executive coach and c-suite leader whose mission is to help people achieve their full potential by making the work place a safe place to learn, grow and enjoy.


For over 25 years he has worked as a C-Suite leader in the finance, banking and real estate industries across Europe. He is currently Chief Financial Officer of Anticipa Real Estate, which is owned by Blackstone, one of the worlds largest investment funds with $545 billion under management.


Meanwhile his profile as an international keynote speaker has seen him inspire, educate and entertain audiences on in-demand topics such as Stoic Leadership, the Real Secrets of Customer Satisfaction, and the Future of Finance In A World Of Artificial Intelligence.

He is a public speaking coach at Spain's prestigious IESE business school and currently lives in Barcelona with his two teenage children and wife.

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"One's ultimate aim is to do all in one's power to shoot straight"