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Rockstar Leadership
Keynote Speaker On Optimising Leadership Performance
Creating Courageous Leaders
Engaging and Energising Employees
Building Top Performing Teams
Keynote Speaker


Peter was a fantastic, engaging speaker at our Annual Conference in Madrid. He is well-informed, professional and knows how to keep an audience both interested and entertained. Peter has a very positive, easy-going personality and was happy to chat with our delegates before and after his presentation. He was even happy to put up some stands for us... a great person to have around. Highly recommended!

Zara Duffy
Head of Northern Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland

Keynote Speaker
Peter Mckenzie

Peter coaches Senior Leaders to find and bring their energy and passion to work, step up and become peak performers. He works with them to overcome self-sabotaging beliefs, overwork and overwhelm to flourish as top performing C-Suite leaders.

In a world of technological change and economic uncertainty, the responsibility of leaders is higher than ever. Only with courage, energy, and self-belief will the best be able to engage and lead their teams to success.


20% of what people do provide 80% of the result and impact. The best leaders do only what is important and discard the irrelevant. This is the way to avoid constant “busyness” and overwhelm and deliver results on what truly matters.


Energy management, not time management, is what counts. Peak performance comes when top performers are in the best mental and physical state. Optimal leadership results follow an optimal energy management strategy.

 Peter’s Mission 

Peter McKenzie is the C-Suite Coach. He coaches leaders who have reached high levels of overwork, overwhelm and doubt to transform their performance by re-engaging with their core values, rekindling their energy and enthusiasm for work and life and motivating and engaging their teams to achieve success.

Peter's Keynote


The Rockstar Leader

How The Best Leaders do things differently

Your audience will learn to:

  • Apply Powerful personal strategies to increase Leadership Presence

  • Manage Energy & Time to Boost Personal Productivity

  • Use Scientifically-Backed Techniques to Engage Peak Performance Teams

Virtual or In-Person
Topic: Optimal Leadership Performance, Productivity, and Team Engagement.
Perfect for: Conferences, Corporations, Associations, Global Events, and Workshops.


Courageous Leadership

How The Best Leaders Build Courage

Your audience will learn to:

  • Build Courage & Resilience to overcome the common challenges leaders face

  • Change from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset to gain perspective and convert problems into fuel for growth

  • Reduce stress & doubt and build confidence to lead top-performance teams

Virtual or In-Person
Topic: Resilience, Stress Reduction, Building Leadership Presence.
Perfect for: Conferences, Corporations, Associations, Global Events, and Workshops.

Meet Peter McKenzie

Peter McKenzie, the C-Suite Coach, is a speaker, executive coach and C-suite leader whose mission is to help leaders become great and achieve their full potential to lead with energy and passion.

He believes that through great leadership, the workplace becomes a safe place for all people to learn, grow and enjoy.
For over 25 years, he has worked as a C-Suite leader in the finance, banking and real estate industries across Europe, working for prestigious companies such as PWC, Citigroup and Blackstone Group. He is currently General Manager of Anticipa Real Estate, which is owned by Blackstone, one of the worlds largest investment funds with $900 billion under management.
Meanwhile, his profile as an international keynote speaker has seen him inspire, educate and entertain audiences on in-demand topics such as The Rockstar Leader, Courageous Leadership, The Stoic Leader and the Future of Finance In A World Of Artificial Intelligence.

He lectures at Spain's prestigious IESE business school as well as several of the large Universities in Barcelona, where he currently lives with his two teenage children and wife.

He is passionate about Public Speaking, Stoic philosophy and Positive psychology as well as Health, Fitness & Wellness. He combines all of these passions in his coaching and speaking businesses.

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